Important Notice Regarding FWX Company Data Operations



FWX Company began leading the way for public access to weather data including for applications such as EDEX and GEMPAK in April 2016. Since then, there was always a major interest in this data as no other company produced raw data for the regular public consumer. In 2020, FWX Company produced more than 30 Terabytes of data in total that were sent to our private and public sector clients.


Now to 2021, FWX Company has seen a dramatic decline in overall interest in this data as web-based weather analysis applications become more popular. For 2021, the income projected from our services will likely max out on levels we saw when we first launched in 2016, if not lower. This would create a big loss for FWX Company as our bandwidth costs begin to raise starting in April 2021.

That being said, FWX Company will cease public operations for data solutions beginning March 15, 2021. Beginning today, new orders will not be accepted. Existing customers will continue to have access to data until March 2022 without the need of payment.  



- WEB-AWIPS: The closure of our data solutions does not affected the development of webAWIPS which is projected to launch for Alpha testing by March 30th, 2021. FWX Company will announce soon when ordering will start being accepted for WebAWIPS.  

- EXISTING CLIENTS: Existing clients will continue to retain access to FWX Company data for both EDEX and LDM services until March 2022. For this time period, a regular payment will not be required. We will contact you soon for more information.  

- WHAT'S NEXT?: FWX Company will continue to produce new projects and services for public and private sector customers. There are active plans to begin a breaking news and weather service as well as SEO marketing services for small businesses.  

I would like to thank everyone for the last several years, we will continue to provide excellent customer service and products for many years to come.  

Be well, 


Executive Director