FWX Company has several management employees under the branch of Office of the Executive Director. These individuals hold their position because of their skills in meteorology, technology, and business management. Below is a list of the high-ranking officials that work for FWX Company day-by-day to coordinate operations and ensure we meet our goal to providing critical meteorology information to commercial and public customers.

Email: Twitter: @keithlatteri

Keith Latteri, Executive Director, Director of Operations – The Hurricane Network

Keith founded FWX Company in 2011 with the intent of bringing important weather and news details to customers across the United States accurately and efficiently.  Keith currently is the Executive Director of FWX Company and the Director of Operations for The Hurricane Network. Keith has several years of experience in tropical meteorology, systems administration, and business management while running FWX. Keith is currently attending Plymouth State University with a goal of achieving a Masters of Science degree in Meteorology with a focus on meteorology applications and tropical meteorology. Keith currently is a member of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association.



Taylor Welka, Executive Administrator 

Taylor started working officially behind the scenes with FWX Company in 2015. Taylor works on the business side of FWX Company which includes the responsibilities of client management and server administration, taylor as well does aviation forecasting analysis for FWX Company. Taylor has a strong background in not only meteorology, but aviation and information technology as well. Taylor also is a full-time employee at United Airlines as a Airport Compliance Officer. When not working, Taylor enjoys to travel around the world and periodically forecast for FWX Company.