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FWX Company is offering affordable AWIPS II Data. If you are a meteorologist, emergency management, or just a simple weather hobbyist - this data will come in handy for you! Our cluster of servers are able to guarantee fast and high quality weather data! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our sales team.

Data Provided

  • Model Data
    • Conduit – High resolution NCEP model data (GFS, GEFS, HRRR, and NAM)
    • NGRID – High resolution NOAAport model outputs
    • NOGAPS and COAMP model output from FNMOC
    • Global Wave Watch Models
    • Canadian Models
  • Radar Data
    • NEXRAD 3
    • MRMS Derived Level 2 Data
    • Satellite composite imagery (NEXRCOMP)
  • Satellite Data
    • High-resolution GOES-East (G16) Data and Derived Products
    • High-resolution GOES-West (G16) Data and Derived Products
    • NOAA/GINI satellite imagery.
    • Hi-Res Satellite imagery and derived products from the Unidata/Wisconsin Broadcast
  • Miscellaneous
    • Domestic and international text products. (watches, warnings, advisories, and forecasts)
    • Observed and Model Skew-T data.
    • GLM Lightning Detection
    • NOAA Flight Data/Wind Profiler Data