Launching Managed LDM Hosting Services

Launching Managed LDM Hosting Services

December 10, 2017 Company News 0

FWX Company has recently launched a new service for personal and enterprise customers that is not only affordable but is also reliable. FWX has launched a new managed LDM service which includes a remote off-site server to host the data and possibly other weather related software such as EDEX or GEMPAK. The starting price for this service is $200.00 which includes the server price and LDM services.

Default Server Specifications:

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270 V2
Default Memory: 16GB DDR3 ECC
Default HDD: 500 GB SATA
Bandwidth:20 TB (1Gbps Uplink)
Default OS: CentOS 6 - Latest Build

You do have the option to change the server memory, hard disk, operating system (upon request), and you may also add a second drive to your server. You server will be fully managed through FWX Company's friendly 24/7 technical assistance, managed support means we will OS reload your server for you, run software and hardware diagnostics, and answer detailed questions regarding applications you run on your server.

This service is great for those with little skill on server management and software installation for weather application. We are sure your company, emergency management agency, or just yourself will love this product and our top-rated support.  Normal provisioning times for the server is around 5 hours or less, this might take longer due to verification.


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