• Precise, Accurate, Reliable, and Inexpensive Weather Data
Powerful Servers
Our top of the line servers are powerful enough to create, ingest, and transport data to our clients in a timely matter without issue.

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Personal and Commercial Use
Our weather data is not only used for commercial use! If you are a weather hobbyist, emergency management, or broadcast meteorologist, our data will come to use to you for tracking those storms precise.

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Professional Support
Our customer service team is the main contact if you run into issues or need advice with your data, FWX Company's customer service team is available 24/7 with speedy response time. in 2016, our annual positive feedback from our customers was 97%.

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Why Join Us?

FWX Company's goal is to provide weather data through the quickest channels to our clients using our award-winning hardware and network. FWX's Customer Support and Sales team is on standby 24/7 waiting for you contact request so we can help you startup your data as soon as possible.