Retrieving weather data could never be easier! FWX Company is now providing all access to our weather data suite through LDM (Local Data Manager) for an affordable price to cover the outgoing bandwidth. All data will be sent in raw format, you just have to provide the software to ingest it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our sales team

Data you will retrieve: 

  • NCEP Global Models 
  • Canadian Global Models
  • ECMWF¹
  • NEXRAD 2 feeds
  • NEXRAD 3 feeds
  • High resolution satellite feeds
  • USPLN Lightning (Fee: $10)²
  • Domestic and International Text Forecast Data
  • Synoptic, METAR, and Upper-levels data
  • Aviation Data 

Purchasing this product is for outgoing bandwidth, the data provided is open source through several data sources.

¹ECMWF Data is provided through WMO-Essentials with limited forecast hours and parameters.

²USPLN through FWX is commercial data, $10 fee is added to pay for a small portion of the annual contract between WSI.

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